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What is Documentation?

Video documentation is the process of recording home or business inventories by videographing their contents, including model numbers, serial numbers, physical dimensions and other details needed to provide authentication in loss claims.










Why document your home or business?

In a major loss - fire, earthquake, burglary, flood, etc.- it is the insured’s burden to prove what was actually lost. While insurance companies accept receipts, pictures, and itemized lists, only video documentation provides a complete and comprehensive record of the contents of your home or business. Consider that:


  • Claims will be expedited with little or no dispute.

  • Items easily forgotten will be recorded, virtually paying the cost of the documentation.

  • Documentation provides a valid record of what someone had when probating an estate.




In a 2015 lawsuit, Lee vs. California Capital Insurance,  the California court of Appeals ruled in favor of an insurance company that declined to cover losses that a property owner was unable to prove — don’t let this be you! Simply having insurance is not enough. Professional documentation provides you with a cost effective, indisputable record of your possessions.

The Process


Going through your home or business, you will narrate the details of what we are recording.

Your commentary will provide details about:


  • fine artwork.

  • china, silver and crystal collections.

  • home entertainment systems.

  • antique furniture.

  • measurements of imported rugs and granite countertops.

  • model numbers, serial numbers and cost of custom machinery and equipment.

  • long forgotten valuables tucked away in drawers and cabinets.





When finished

Upon completion, the media will be uploaded to your computer, allowing instant verification of the recording. Totally secure, the original SD card stays with you — with an envelope for safe deposit storage. For a nominal fee,

($48/year)  we can store the media for you with the added benefit of being able to certify that the media has always been in our possession and has not been altered.

Does it work?

In California as in most states, claims with documentation are presumed to be valid.

After the fire is too late; don't be complacent.

House fire, Old Topanga Canyon Road, Topanga, CA.


Courtesy H. Erskine.

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